Our program runs daily 7am-5pm and you can tell us when you'd like to use it!  

         To schedule time you can simply log into your icaresoftware.com account.  Choose "action" in the menu and select "reserve a drop spot".  From there just let us know if this will be an ongoing or one time reservation.  

      Families may mix & match on going and one time!

  For instance:  You work every Monday? That is an ongoing reservation


          An unexpected doctor's appointment comes up Tuesday? 

    No problem!  Log back in and add a one time reservation just for the hour you need!

  You'll only be charged for the times you attend/

We offer so many unique options.  No matter how complicated your schedule, we can handle it! And we can save you money

Academic Enrichment


Our fabulous teaching staff plans curriculum and academic based projects daily.  Each class has a morning meeting/ circle time that is age appropriate and geared specifically for your child.  Whether you are at work or an appointment or just cleaning the house, your child will have fun learning with us!

Play with purpose

Our unique space allows children to learn and explore through structured play.

+ Social skills

+ language development
+ Early math skills
+ Reading and literacy
+ Gross motor development
+ and more!


Give us a call:


15 months- 2.9

We have two toddler classrooms with two teachers to 9 children.  


We have two preschool classrooms

1. 2.9- 3.5 (1 to 10)

2. 3.5-5 year (2 to 20)

School aged and home school

Kindergarten to 10 years old (1 to 10)


Home school play dates

With the rising number of homeschool parents in Massachusetts, we know socialization is becoming increasingly important.  This is why we have decided to allow school aged children to come play all year long!  

+ Play

+ Socialization
+ Make friends
+ Put on a show in our theater

+ Meet other like minded families
+ Parents can use the time plan curriculum or get a quick break




Our members save even more!

For $35/ month you can reduce your rates

Nonmembers pay" $11/hour or $77/Day

Our members or "frequent flyers"

Pay only

$7.70/ hour and $55/Day

+ Save money

+ Get more for your buck
+ Regular socialization

* Memberships are per child

* Bill automatically each month until cancelled

* Not prorated so we advise adding them at the beginning of a month