Prizes include:

A Crispi's Giftcard

A family Easter photo from Al Lacerda Photography

Coffe grounds and Gift card from Honey Dew Donuts

A gift card to Bridgewater Bagel

Annual Membership to Stay N Play children's museum

A movie Gift certificate from The Drop Spot

water bottle and stuffed toy from the Crafty Hippie

Children's crafts & More

Find our Easter Eggs!

Our Eggs are hidden throughout Bridgewater, East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater

The Egg's locations will showcase our great local attractions as well as local businesses!

Some businesses have donated a prize. Please post a photo on FB and either check in at their location or tag them to thank them for their gift!

Please post a pic and tag The Drop Spot as soon as you find an egg and let us know where you found it so we can remove it from the list! We don't want people searching for eggs that have been found

Locations of Eggs:

1. This charming little gift shop has great treasures!

2. Hielo means _______ in Spanish

3. Pace yourself, this store has a lot to see!

4. This building is central to the Easter holiday

5. Skip to my Lou is a favorite kid's song 

6. This bakery is a common place for Easter desserts

7. Lisa's neighbor doesn't Wine any MORE

8. Stop by for a crisp canoli

9. I'm Fairly certain this is where I'll buy my windows and doors

10. In Greece there is an Easter tradition to throw pots made of clay into the street- come here to make one

11. Supply your livestock here


13. This is the ONE bank I'd want to handle my money

14. 3,15,14,23,1,25

15. scirtaideP retawegdirB

16. Quarts, Amethyst, calcite are all __________.


18. Come here to see the cows and grab an ice cream- Bridgewater

19. Where else can you listen to music in an Alley?

20. This roofed structure is often used for relaxation or entertainment.  In Bridgewater you could watch the football game from it

21. A repository of knowledge right in center of Bridgewater

22. You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy this marathon

23. This building was called the academy building because it was originally a school

24. George Washington was a volunteer Fire Fighter although they didn't have a station. There's one in every town, but this one is  in Bridgewater







26. The season after Spring is ____________.

27. Picture this, a new business on Spring St.

28. My favorite place to get a bagel and a coffee in Bridgewater

29. This is the perfect spot to drop in and play a while

30. Dew you know where I can get a great coffee in Bridgewater?

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