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About our workshops

Introducing our new homeschool workshops!

We have upcoming workshops for children aged 5-10 years old!

Check out our events tab on FB for a complete list of our upcoming workshops. Some are even at 3pm so our public school friends can enjoy the fun with us!

Please register in our ICARE software so we have emergency contact info and then purchase an Eventbrite ticket to secure your spot.

*Additional time in the program will be billed based on normal rates

Call 508-807-0442 for more information!

Each child will receive a certificate of completion after each workshop with the number of hours for your homeschool portfolio

What workshops we offer:

February workshops include:

Intro to Spanish: The Spanish alphabet and Numbers

Our Spanish program will be an ongoing class, sign up for the ones you want and will progress into more conversational Spanish as we learn!

Art: The history of clay, how it is made, how it was used and how we use it today. Clay sculpting

Music: Intro to music theory. Scales and notes

Cooking: Intro to cooking. In this ongoing workshop the children will explore how seasonings and tastes vary in different parts of the world. They will learn about where various seasonings grow and how they influence the food we eat in America today

Coming soon: Health workshops, The Science of smell (a workshop on aromatherapy), Nutrition, Basic electronics, engineering & sewing! Use this workshops to ass some fun to your child's school week!

Each workshop will include a certificate with the number of hours for your child's homeschool portfolio!