Covid Compliance

The Drop Spot is a licensed Camp program

New Covid guidelines require a max camp group size of 12

The Drop Spot will allow only one group of 12 in August 

we may add a second group in September if needed

     For this reason, space is extremely limited 

Please reserve in advance and we will adhere strictly to our cancellation policy

Masks on children will be optional and must be provided by the parent with enough clean masks, labelled with your child's name

Parents will be asked to remain outside the emergency doors whenever possible

All adult visitors will be required to where a mask whenever they are on the property

Visitors are asked to limit to one family within the check in area at a time and maintain 6 feet distance between families in the waiting room whenever possible

Parents will be asked to attest to a series of questions regarding travel, household health and a visual check of the child will be conducted upon arrival

All children with fever, cough or other symptoms as advised by the CDC will be required to remain out of the program for 72 hours

All children must wash their hands upon arrival to the program

Please do not send back packs or baby bags from home

All items must be sent in disposal bags.

Lunch will not be provided during covid, and must be sent from home also in disposable bags to be thrown out after use

Children may bring blankets and pacifiers for rest time only and they must remain in a disposable bag whenever not in use.

To provide contactless drop off the staff will check families in on the computer- families will not have access to the check in station temporarily

Please do not send  stuffed animals for the time being, personal toys from home including electronics will be allowed

All children will be provided a bucket of their own toys that will be sanitized in between children and will include legos, cars, dinosaurs, barbies and other items.

The items will change daily and will include special prizes and surprises 

we expect that this will be a fun addition to our program we may even keep after covid!

As always, our program is professionally cleaned by the AMAZING Luiza Giove, but we have also cut our program hours down to allow for additional cleaning and preparation

We are so excited to be back and we will make this as fun AND NORMAL for your children as possible!

More about our covid compliance steps
Read more about covid-19 at
Minimum safety guidelines by EEC and department of Public health  (Will also be available for review at our program)
For the most up-to-date information including risk associated with children and raw data of age of infection and other data related to children and families please visit the Massachusetts coronavirus dashboard


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