Who uses us?


Families use us for a variety of reasons, but we can help almost any family schedule their care in a way that works for them & save them $$

First responders & rotating shifts- Does your schedule change every week?  You don't need to pay to hold that spot anymore!

Stay at home parents- Want a moment to yourself? clean? meal prep? Grocery store? We've got you covered

Students- Need 45 minutes to go to a class or take a test?  Don't pay $80 a day.  With The Drop Spot, class can cost you $7.70

Teachers- Stop paying for Monday holidays, summers, etc.  Stop paying to hold that spot!

Work from home-  Just need an hour to get on a conference call?

Full time work-  Sick of paying $17,000 and paying for every holiday, snow day, sick day, vacation day.  That's over!



+ Forest Hills Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Horizon Elementary

+ Lake Forest Elementary

+ Village Elementary

+ Watkins Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Silver Lakes Elementary